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Company Information :

Biotechayur Pvt. Ltd. is a biotechnology, biopharmaceutical and bio-based manufacturer of Ayurvedics, Herbals, Medicinal Plants Extracts and Phytochemical products with activities in Research & Development, Manufacturing, Marketing, Sales and Services.

Biotechayur is continuously working to establish itself as a pioneer in preparing new phytoceuticals. Biotechayur will conduct the pre-clinical and clinical trials for the safety and efficacy of various nutritional herbal and ayurvedic products. Extraction and isolation of identified valuable phytochemical from various herbs will create ample opportunities for the medicinal herb (organic farming) farmers from locality in Balasore district, Odisha to all over India. Biotechayur Pvt Ltd will create an economical benefit for the state of Odisha by earning foreign currency from export.

Biotechayur is an EOU company to export products internationally complying with USFDA, API and GMP standards and norms.

Dr. Abhay Kumar Pati


Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Abhay Pati, a graduate in integrated medicine, studied both western medicine and ayurvedic medicine at J. B. Ray State College of Ayurvedic Medicine, Kolkata, India. Dr. Pati has been based in the USA since more than 30 years. He moved to the USA in 1980 to pursue higher studies (MS/PhD programs on History of Medicine & Philosophy of Medicine), but due to some unavoidable and unfavorable circumstances discontinued his higher studies. Dr. Pati is an entrepreneur and author of many books on nutrition, herbal & botanical medicines, including "Fruits of the World", "Vitamins & Herbal Digest", "Alternative Health Therapies", "Ayurvedic Medicinal Plants of India" and many more. Dr. Pati is also the Founder & CEO of Best Nutrition Products Inc., California, USA

Dr. Pati is also the founder and promoter of Biotechayur Pvt. Ltd., Khantapara and Sergargh, Balasore, Odisha, India. Dr. Pati is a world traveler and always searching for nutritional, herbal, food supplements in every part of the globe from land, mountains, deep sea and forests. He has traveled from Irian Jaya in Indonesia to Costa Rica, Beijing, Rio De Janeiro, Perth, Guam, Mexico, Nicaragua to various parts of Asia, Europe and South America. With this on his mind, he is looking for home remedies of natural products. He believes 75% of our health problems can be prevented, treated and cured with food, nutritional supplements, eating habits and lifestyle.



Biotechayur Pvt. Ltd. & its Affiliates:

Asian Institute of Medical Science, Health & Technology (AIMSHT)

Sergarh, NH-16 ,756060-District-Balasore, Odisha, India

AIMSHT is a research institute and will focus on bio-medical health sectors related to Asian/Indian health systems covering traditional and local medical systems (Ayurvedic, Herbals, Yoga, Unani, Siddha etc.) for improving human health. It aims at unleashing the hidden-treasure trove of Indian heritage of traditional medicines as well as Asian, Chinese and North/South/Latin American medicinal plants to the world by intensive research, pre-and post-clinical evaluation leading to new botanical/phytochemical drug development which will help in opening new avenues for the mankind to get closer to Mother Nature.

Various Other Programs of Biotechayur and AIMSHT:

  • Social Welfare.
  • Job Creation and Employment.
  • Cultivation of medicinal plants and Herbs.
  • Publication of research papers, articles, reviews, internet postings and books.
  • Library and a Documentation Centre.
  • Rehabilitation and enhancement with all possible application of Biotechnology in Indian traditional and local health system.
  • Conferences & Seminars.
  • Herbal Museum: To Record Endangered and rare herb/plant species.
  • Testing of herbal raw materials and formulations.
  • Contract research in herbal drugs including stability, formulation development, pre-clinical & clinical trials.
  • Consultancy services for Ayurveda, nutraceuticals, dietary supplements and food supplements.
  • Training in herbal drug analysis and formulation development.
  • Literature search, scientific writing and dossiers.